Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(134) July 7, 2010: The Barista's Blend


The Water comes down and the Fire goes up,
The Wind spins around and the Earth's in a cup.

The elements blend and their blending is sweet,
As sweet as the latte you sip while you tweet—

That digital taste for the zips and the rips,
Embedded and shredded removable chips

Of chocolate, vanilla, and carmel panache.
Whatever you're doing don't empty the trash.

It's all in the way you've imported the beans,
And if you've been faithful to clean the machines,

Bacterias come and the viruses go,
They go for the cutest baristas who know

The meaning of life and the clue to the games,
The chart (periodic), the new user names

Of every invader and phisher of files,
Their coffee served up in the grandest of styles.

Don't say it's too costly to pay for a drink
Of flowing elixir that speaks with a wink,

And listens like leather about to be worn,
Or something like beauty about to be born.

D. Edgar Lamp
Rhyming Couplets

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