Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(121) June 24, 2010: Sweet Significance - A Love Story


He’s a spurious digit and everyone knows,
No matter how clever his math-manic prose,
His vacant expression is all that it shows.

They call him a cipher, a nothing, a naught,
A circular reference, a bubble, a blot;
His brain is a goose egg that can’t hold a thought

But last night he went out for a leisurely roll,
And found a sad Three who he tried to console.
She was right of the decimal not feeling quite whole,

So he offered to bump her once left from the right
To help her reverse her superfluous plight.
She gave him a look mixing fear and delight.

“I’ll be gentle,” he told her, “You won’t feel a thing.”
And there on the spot he sprang her a spring,
And she, “Oh my gosh! I’m commencing a fling

With a crazy-eyed zero!” and landed with grace
And a smile, in a westerly decimal place,
As a bit of a blush multiplied on her face.

Then before she could thank him he did it again
And bumped her once more by a power of ten.
“That’s all I can do.” He said with a grin.

“My goodness,” she said, “I’d never ask more.
Since you leaped to my rescue and made my heart soar,
I’m a hundred times better than I was before!”

“It's YOU, Miss” he said, “I’m as proud as a pig.
Since I leaped to your rescue I'm feeling so big.
Thank YOU, I’m at last a Significant Fig!”

D. Edgar Lamp

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