Wednesday, December 1, 2010

(133) July 6, 2010: Construction 4: Bots Dots & Pinwheels


Find a stretch of country road all desolate at night.
Find it when the sky is clear, the moon is full and bright.
Take a bunch of pinwheels made to magnify the light,

Made of cut-up roadway signs like No Left Turn & Stop.
Drill a hole by every dot, and fill each one with glop.
Glop means glue, I knew you knew; just let it go kerplop.

Stick a pinwheel stick in every hole until it dries.
Do be careful not to get the bot-glue in your eyes.
Cars may pass but you'll be dressed in some benign disguise.

Fifty pinwheels ought to do, five hundred would be best.
Work until the sun comes up, or till you face arrest.
When you're done go take your car and give the road a test.

D. Edgar Lamp

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